Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is North Korea's Maternal Health Care Really Better Than Ours?

I find that a bit hard to believe, but it seems to be what MSN is pushing:

North Korea's 415th set of triplets has arrived -- and they have the late Kim Jong-il to thank for their cushy birth. According to Reuters, the deceased dictator set in place an unusual prenatal policy for those expecting three bundles of joy, showering clothes, blankets, milk and regular infusions of "honey tonics" upon pregnant moms. The mother of the latest set of multiples also earned a cushy 100-day stay at a local hospital (jealous much, American women?).

Well, the honey is a nice touch, although being that it is most likely in lieu of other things - such as solid food, medicine, and heat - I don't really see it as that much of a positive trade-off.

But of course, it is that last line, taunting American women, that piqued my interest. Should they be jealous, as this piece implies, of the "cushy" 100-day hospital stay offered the North Korean women about to bring three children into a slave state?

Well, let's do the work that MSN didn't, and show some photos of a North Korean hospital. Let American women decide for themselves if they consider these to be luxurious digs, and if they are really ready to give up the American health care system for a bowl of honey and 100 days in what MSN believes to be paradise:

Still jealous much?  Didn't think so...

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