Monday, March 05, 2012

Obama's Phony "War on Contraception": What Is The Smoke Covering Up?

...besides Obama's war on Catholics?

The fact that his policies are not only draining America's wallets, but their pocketbooks as well.

Over at Gay Patriot:

Seems the president is bending over backwards to reach out to women voters. And women, Joy reminded me, tend to do most of the grocery shopping. They know, what reader ChrisH and I have observed, the cost of groceries has increased significantly over the past year.

And Obama may be trying to win them back by playing to their fears about losing their right to contraception.

And of course, they usually fill up on gas while out on that shopping trip, and they know that what was once $60 is now $80...and that's before they hit Shop Rite:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that food prices surged in the final quarter of 2011, resulting in annual price inflation slightly above expectations for beef and veal, eggs and fats and oils. The cost of grocery store items rose 4.8 percent in 2011...

The average annual increase for food-at-home prices between 1990 and 2011 was 2.8 percent...

Beef prices led the recent surge — the cost in January was 10.2 percent higher than in January 2011. Eggs are now 9.5 percent above the January 2011 level as a result of drought conditions throughout the South. And dairy prices are now 9 percent above the January 2011 level

Well, maybe women will be kept in line by being told they should be deathly afraid of the Republicans trying to steal their birth control pills, force them to have babies, and sticking ultrasound devices in places never meant to accept them. True or false, that's what they are hearing from the propaganda mills these days:

Playing on every television station near you...

Will this cause enough smoke for women to miss the fact that the man in the White House is forcing their families into bankruptcy?

Perhaps Obama is trying to convince women to vote with their vaginas.  After all, most moves made by men are dictated by the lower half, no?

Obama believes women can me motivated in the same way he is.  But our American girls are smarter than he thinks, and I don't think they are going to be fooled so easily - again - by a smooth-talking Casanova  with a perfect crease in his pants...

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