Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ronald Reagan...Or Scott Brown?

He’s still more or less what he’s always been: an affable, somewhat bumbling, mildly conservative fellow who, through a peculiar series of coincidences, wound up way over his head in a job that he’s not very good at. … It’s hard to get angry at someone you can’t take seriously.

It's a Massachusetts Democrat, talking about Senator Scott Brown.  Link via Legal Insurrection.

Liberals, lacking nuance, can only break conservatives up into two groups: Right-wing nut-jobs for those who speak of the anger their constituents feel (think Michele Bachmann), or amiable dunces (originally applied to Reagan), which applies to Republicans with cross-party appeal.  In the latter case, as we see above, Democrats cannot risk affixing their favored "hater" label here, for fear of appearing insane themselves.

We are either crazy-stupid, or sweet-stupid. But note the commonality...

And the media? Same as they ever were...note how they spoke of to the man who saved the economy when it was on the brink of utter ruin, and who saved the entire Western world from Soviet tyranny (all those things that Barack Obama whines aren't his fault):

"This President is treated by both the press and foreign leaders as if he were a child.... It is major news when he honors a political or economic discussion with a germane remark and not an anecdote about his Hollywood days."
--Columnist Richard Cohen

"He demonstrated for all to see how far you can go in this life with a smile, a shoeshine and the nerve to put your own spin on the facts."
--David Nyhan, Boston Globe columnist

"The task of watering the arid desert between Reagan's ears is a challenging one for his aides."
--Columnist David Broder

Brother, we can use a dunce like Ronald Reagan again...

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