Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Sick Moral Equivalence Is No "Fluke"...

...and no, for a change, it's not about equating Palestinian terrorists with the Israeli schoolchildren they murder.  This time it's a bit more laughable, but equally insulting to the intelligence:

 Hillary Clinton: US 'extremists' targeting women

At the Women in the World Summit held in New York City on Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced "extremists" for purposely trying to "control women," specifically in the United States...

"Yes, it is hard to believe that even here at home, we have to stand up for women’s rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us, because America needs to set an example for the entire world."

Clinton specifically mentioned Georgetown contraception activist Sandra Fluke while praising women "who are assuming the risks that come with sticking your neck out, whether you are a democracy activist in Burma or a Georgetown law student in the United States."

Nothing like marginalizing and dehumanizing your opposition to promote civil discourse. Thanks to permissions received from feminist Gloria Steinem, I can now point out that Hillary Clinton is using the same tactics on conservatives that Josef Goebbels used on Jews.  Hate much, Hillary?

But besides the obvious ham-fisted attempt to toss liberal red meat to the lioness (and the men who exploit them) at the Summit, Madame Secretary offers up another offense.  If you didn't catch it, Mark Steyn did:

I wonder if Mrs. Clinton gave a moment’s thought to how revoltingly insulting that comparison is to “democracy activists in Burma.” On the one hand, Zin Mar Aung, who spent eleven years in jail for writing a letter. On the other, one of the eternal children of American entitlement, attending an elite law school whose graduates proceed smoothly to jobs with a starting salary of $160,000 yet demanding the government pick up the tab for her birth control — which, even if one accepts her absurd figure of $3,000, amounts to less than the first week’s salary of that first job...

The fact that Hillary can equates these two women speaks volumes about her moral calculus. As well as that of the half-wits, dim-wits, nit-wits, and horny guys looking for a free "ride" that applauded her perverse equivalence.

But thankfully, it's a small group. Anyone else notice that on what was supposed to be a "horrible week for Republicans". Obama's poll numbers have dipped to new lows? The media wails that poor Baracky can't help it, he doesn't control gas prices (only Republican presidents do), but gas prices have been high for a while now. What else happened last week that was rather newsworthy? Oh, that. No longer newsworthy, apparently.  Interesting.

You know, I have heard a lot of commentators suggest - nay, urge - Barack Obama to dump Joe Biden this fall and enlist Hillary Clinton as his new running mate. She's a woman, she's "moderate", she will unite the party...

You know - as a Republican - I think that's a good idea. Much like Sandra Fluke, I don't think the American people will find Hillary as appealing as the media believes they will.

Bring it.

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Jim - PRS said...

Great post. I often find myself forgetting what a perfectly horrible person Hillary (the cattle futures expert) is.