Monday, March 05, 2012

What Would Breitbart Do About Sandra Fluke?

He'd expose her for the liar and liberal wingwoman that she is.  He'd publicly humiliate her, and those who sponsored her appearance before Congress.  And he'd turn the narrative back to the fact that the Obama Administration is trying to create a false "war on women", in order to prosecute an actual  "war on religion" (not unlike Hitler's staged "attack" on a German border outpost that became the pretext for the invasion of Poland).

Instead, as we scramble around on the defensive, it looks like we are going to lose.  Again.  Over at Classical Values:

The saga of Sandra Fluke (now being painted as some sort of hero to women) is a perfect example of why we needed Andrew.

Her testimony before Congress appears to have been very dishonest. Fluke’s story about her friend who was denied birth control pills despite a medical need unrelated to contraception seems unlikely to be true, and should be investigated — it seems implausible that reimbursement for a product that might be used for birth control would, or legally could, be denied someone with a medical need for it. And the claim students need $1000 per year for contraception is just flat-out untrue; birth control is generally around $20/month, and anyone can buy condoms for a dollar each, in the unlikely event a college student is unable to find free condoms, which cost nothing. And it’s not clear who misrepresented her age as 23 rather than 31, but it certainly gives the appearance of having been done to elicit sympathy.

 So, she goes in front of Congress and lies, and the President of the United States personally telephones her and tells her how brave she was. For lying. (Some people the President hasn’t called to praise for bravery: the families of Brian Terry and others killed by the Fast and Furious gunrunning program, Joe the Plumber, Syrian pro-democracy activists). And the end result of all this is that… Rush Limbaugh is forced to apologize for jokingly suggesting Ms. Fluke must be having a lot of sex to need $3000 for contraception.

 So, the issue in summary: lefty activist lies, President praises her for it, media pressure causes prominent righty to apologize...

And a false meme gets strengthened. Proves why the Left and the media hated, hated, Andrew Breitbart so: He would have exposed this charade for what it was, ruining their perfect narrative and forcing the Democrats to explain their deceptions, instead of pressing the attack.

But the Left almost seems to know intuitively that one of our biggest weapons has been neutralized, so they are turning up the propaganda mill to full-force hoping the stink carries further, and lingers longer, than the truth. They are coming after us now, and hard.

We need to step us. We can either be Beitbart, or be slaves.

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