Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Joe Biden and Senator Bob Menendez: Both their brains combined still don't equal one idiot

So Joe came to Jersey (Northern New Jersey, that is - wealthy, insulated, and liberal. Don't think he'd go further south than exit 123 of the GSP) to raise money for Senator Bob Menendez's re-election campaign, and somehow got sucked into Menendez's whirlpool of stupidity.  Sure, Joe said that the Osama bin Laden raid was the most audacious military plan in 500 years - take that, Dwight Eisenhower! - and that was pretty dumb, but he still can't top his host.

Bob Menendez has, over the past four-plus years:
-Referred to Republicans as "hostage-takers"
-Criticized Democrats for working with Republicans in order to govern
-Forced a $473,000- earmark into the stimulus bill for the La Raza, a liberal, racist, anti-American (but pro-Hispanic!) hate group
-Did a book signing at  La Raza's DC headquarters
-Voted to support the dreadful Moveon.org "General Betray-Us" ad
-Was caught in a baldfaced lie about New Jersey spending
-And has written a letter to Santa Claus, citing his concern over global warming, and offering to relocate his toy shop to New Jersey.  Yes, really...

You sure don't know shit about military history, Joe...but you've still got a ways to go to sink below the Menendez line of stupidity.  Be grateful for that.

What am I grateful for?  This:

One week after [Republican Senatorial candidate Joe] Kyrillos used Christie to rake in $600,000, Menendez (D-N.J.) Monday brought in his own big gun: Vice President Joe Biden, who headlined a Morris Township fundraiser Menendez campaign officials expect will net $400,000.

Joe Kyrillos is still a long way behind dumb, dirty Bob in the cash game.  But it is interesting to see that Chris Christie can bring out bigger spenders than the current Vice President.  It's also interesting to note that Christie beat Jon Corzine in a heavily Democratic state despite being outspent by more than 3-1.


The latest polling shows Menendez up 10-points over Kyrillos, 43% to 33%; more interestingly, Menendez LOSES in the same poll to an unnamed opponent.

Look like Biden's coat-tails may be as short as his memory...

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