Monday, March 26, 2012

Is Brooklyn Going "Red"?

We saw/heard the first rumblings of the landslide back in September, when Republican Bob Turner won the Congressional seat of the disgraced Anthony Weiner, in a district held by Democrats since the 1920's.  Now, in a smaller but still significant election, we a rookie Republican about to win a State Senate squeaker deep in Democratic territory.  From the New York Times(!) City Room blog:

State Senate Race Spotlights a Feeble Democratic Party

The latest evidence of rigor mortis comes by way of southern Brooklyn. Councilman Lewis A. Fidler, a loyal son of the Thomas Jefferson Club, once the most powerful Democratic club in Brooklyn, is heaving and perspiring as he tries to claim a measly State Senate seat. His Republican challenger, David Storobin, is the definition of neophyte, yet he is the one who now holds to a thin reed of a lead as the recount goes forward.

“How can they win in November when they can’t win a special election in a district where there are 70,000 more Democrats than Republicans?

Good question.  Important to note that Storobin is a young Russian, running in a district with a lot of them - as well as plenty of Jews.  Democrats claim they aren't concerned, that a redistricting will force Storobin to run again in a district that will be less Russian and even more Jewish.  Do the excuses all sound familiar to you?  They should, they were exactly what was offered up back in September, when the aforementioned Turner won in a shocker in a ...heavily Jewish community.

Republican David Storobin, declaring victory (hopefully not premature) in Brooklyn...

Lessons for Republicans: The Jews are up for grabs, Russians are conservatives (having learned their lesson back in old country), young, non-establishment candidates (Tea Party II, anybody?) can win big, and there is no reason not to make sorties and attacks deep in Blue territory - if the Democrats cannot hold Brooklyn, the foundations of all their strongholds must be cracking. Exploit their weaknesses, force them to defend previously safe turf, and you prevent them from incursions into Red America, while securing the swing states.

Lessons for Democrats.  Snap on the diapers. Because you are gonna shit when you see the massive rejection of your party and their policies come November...

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