Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Think Obama's Poll Numbers Suck Now? Just Wait Until Memorial Day...

...that's assuming, of course, that much of  the president's recent slide in the polls is actually due to concern about higher gasoline prices, and his concurrent desire to do little more than tilt at windmills.  Literally.  Of course, it could be because he's on the wrong side of the contraceptive issue, as well as the Iran issue, or that people are getting a bit tired of his hypocrisy and divide and conquer ethos...but let's humor the MSM, and stick to gas prices.

Jim Geraghty write a column - complete with charts! - that should make Mr. President soil his panties:

Adjusted for Inflation, Gas Prices Look Even Worse

While the peak [gas prices] in the summer of 2008 was $4.27, the March 12 average of $3.83 surpasses everything else before it – from the beginning of the chart in 1920 (when only a small fraction of Americans owned cars!) and through the Great Depression and through the 1973 oil crisis and through the late 1970s and 1980s, the Persian Gulf War, and after 9/11. Note that every other spike in prices tends to coincide with economic hard times.

In other words, adjusted for inflation, today’s gas prices – in March! — are worse than during every preceding gas price spike, except the peak of summer in 2008. So what will the peak price be this summer?

In March 2008, the national average was $3.20 per gallon. By June it was $4.08

What will it be this June? I say 38.

Oh, sorry. I was talking about Obama's approval rating. The price of gas will be stratospheric, crippling the economy just as we head into convention season. And I will bet my last dollar that private citizen Obama, whoring it up on the $500K speaking circuit, will brag about raising gas prices to record levels, and tout it as one of the finest accomplishments of his term in office.

Bet on it.  And remember where you heard it first...

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