Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lightbulbs Unearthed From 1912 Still Work. Will Obama's $50- Bulbs Fare As Well ?

In with the new:

The U.S. government last year announced a $10 million award, dubbed the “L Prize,” for any manufacturer that could create a “green” but affordable light bulb.

Now the winning bulb is on the market.

The price is $50


Sure, $50 might sound expensive, says Merrill Goozner at The Fiscal Times. But LED bulbs "are one of the most cost-efficient investments consumers can make." Philips' bulb will last 10 years, and uses only 10 watts to produce the same amount of light as a 60-watt bulb.

Price of a standard incandescent on the soon-to-be black market, compared our $50 bulb, created with $10 million of taxpayer subsidies:

But how long will they last?  Ah:

GE bulb from 1912 still works

In preparation for the 100th anniversary of an industrial park in the Cleveland area next year, GE Lighting dug up a time capsule at one of Nela Park's original buildings.

But the real find was buried in sand above the capsule: Five incandescent light bulbs, at least one of which still worked when plugged in

GE spokesman David Schuellerman said via email the company thought the bulbs were buried inside the capsule, making the fact that any of them survived even more remarkable....One bulb plugged in at the site of the time capsule ceremony did, in fact, work. Schuellerman said a repeat test was done later in a lab on that bulb and it worked a second time.

Sorry, those bulbs are illegal now.  But not to worry - it's not about lavishing your hard-earned money on the government's allies, or forcing you to buy into a cultish, almost maniacal ideology on the threat of imprisonment.  It's for your own good that this miracle of science has been banned.  So sayeth honored Energy Secretary Stephen Chu:

“We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money”



sdkar said...

I'm getting ready. So fare I have purchased 7 cases of bulbs at 72 bulbs per case. They are the heavy duty double life bulbs as well, so instead of 1,000 hours they are supposed to get 2,000 hours per bulb. I bet if I buy lots more and wait, I will sell them on ebay later for 10x my investment...that is of course if that is not illegal and I get arrested for it. Maybe I'll just keep them for myself. I'm sure by then that will be illegal too and I will still be arrested.

I thin the govt needs to stay out of commerce and let the private markets determine what sells. Screw the chevy volt, screw solar power, and screw these new lightbulbs. And don't even get me started on cafe standards.

Somehow the idiots that run this country think they can legislate progress and if they make a law it will happen. Edison didnt create the lightbulb due to a mandate from politicians. Ford didn't invent mass auto production due to the govt telling him he had to. All great things came from private sector under a capitalist society governed by the laws of supply and demand. It worked great and made America the best damn country in the world. It's tried and true...but they want to change it. Somehow, the russian/communist model looks better despite what history has taught us.

The JerseyNut said...

I've stocked up as well, have about 100 100 Watt bulbs, working on the 75's and 60's now...

And speaking of double-life - I just replaced a light bulb on my back porch last week that I put in back in the summer of 2001. 11 years on a standard 100 watt bulb, exposed to the New Jersey elements.

What an idiot Edison was. Thank God we have Barack Obama to show us the True Path...