Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oprah Winfrey, Eaten Alive.... her own fans.

On her own message boards.

So how's that whole Sarah Palin ban working out for you, darlin'?

I'll go to Oprah's board for the answer:

The writing was on the wall when she supported obama over hillary clinton. hillary who went to china and spoke on womens rights, who has campaigned tirelessly for women and children. she picked an african american over a women.

Oprah seems to forget that women are her base, we have given her everything she has. Where would oprah be without the women of this country and the world, who would buy her magazines, watch her shows, her tv specials. You may not agree with sarah palin's politics (i do not) but the woman has a remarkable story and it deserves air time. Oprah your statement released this morning is pathetic, you are the Oprah you have said many times.

You campaigned for Obama, you cried your eyelashes off at his nomination speech and you did the happy dance when he sealed the primary's after defeating hillary clinton. For years you have had women on your show speaking about how the have been affected by sexism, abuse, and other realated issues, but you have let your race and your hope for an african american president override your judgement. I'm disappointed in you and in your show.

This women (sarah palin) has endured more in the last week then any women has publicly had to endure. The media questioned is she a fit mother, can she be VP and a mother at the same time, maybe she should be home with her children. let me be clear...I do not support sarah palins politics but the treatment of her over the last week has spurred an anger in me that I didn't even know existed. Oprah you ought to be ashamed and embarrassed.

Is Oprah playing the race card by denying her show's massive female audience the opportunity for a close-up with tthe world's most talked-about woman?

Ah, it is her show, after all, and she can book whom she please (at least until Obama passes the Fairness Doctrine, ironically).

But the "race over gender" issue is all over the boards, and maybe she would be best served by quenching this fire early, and getting Palin on the show for a nice little girly chat ASAP.

Is Oprah a model businesswoman, or another liberal ideologue? Stay tuned...


Erica said...

I've never watched Oprah a day in my life, but I would break from that nearly 20-year cycle if Sarah came on, and would bet a paycheck that it would be beneficial for Oprah to jump on that PR train. When she's on Leno and Letterman, Oprah'll be quite sorry.

Party of One said...

It would certainly benefit Oprah, which is why I wouldn't watch it. Oprah made her choice, and she can live with the consequences.

Jim - PRS said...

I would like to see Oprah invite Sarah and Sarah tell her to piss off.

The JerseyNut said...

Yeah, who knows if Sarah P. would even want to go on the Oprah show?
I guess the interesting thing is that her fan base just assumed she would be a natural guest for Oprah, and when she refused to even consider it based on strictly political reasons, her "base" went nuts.
It's that assumption by those who live in the liberal bubble that everyone thinks exactly like they do that causes them so much grief. And the shocked, shocked look when it starts to dawn on them that not every memeber of the American public is a synchophant willing to "amen" their views!
No matter - it is disgusting human behavior to watch, but since it benefits the side that I root for, I am able to choke back my vomit.

Anonymous said...

Funny how our intellectual superiors never learn their lesson.
You would think after a string of anti-American Hollywood failures, the liberals in the entertainment industry would at tleast have the godd business sense to try to appease the center/right which makes up around 50% of America.
I guess Oprah is just that much smarter than the rest of us.