Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin and the Jews

Look at the window; notice the little flag that Governor Palin has stuck there.....

Another reason for the media's fear and loathing of Sarah Palin....can she actually pull a few Jewish votes off of the Obama bandwagon?

And yet another reason for the Demcrats, they of the anti-semitic dog whistle, to fear and loathe Ms. Palin as well.

And yet another display of her refreshing honesty, and "newness" - she doesn't need to have an Israeli flag in her office; the Jewish population of Alaska is negligible, and it is unlikely she has any fundraisers among the big-time Jewsih groups that she feels she must impress.

No, the flag is there because she believes in the nation of Israel, and its rightousness. And I believe this woman with a penchant for automatic weapons will do everything in her power to protect this tiny nation, unlike a certain other party that cannot wait to throw it under the grinding gears of the Arab bus....

OK, OK, so I have a bit of a crush going on here. But loving Sarah Palin is...."Right"!

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Erica said...

Hell, *I* have a crush on her, and I ain't even into groodies.