Friday, September 05, 2008

Obama's Spiritual Twin

OK, we've been all-Sarah-Palin-all-the-time lately; time for a quick (and I mean quick) break before we head back to our regularly scheduled program....

I found this on my favorite French blog, E-nough!; it is dated August 12th but I must have missed goes back to those heady early days of the Russian-Georgian War; as French President Nicolas Sarkozy traveled to Moscow to attempt to negotiate a way out of the "Caucasus Conflict".

Ah, a good try there Nic, but a bit wide right....

Anyway - as Sarkozy was en route to attempt some "Obamaplomacy", French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner gave an interview to Georgian radio, one in which he offered up the most stunning statement of moral equivalence this blogger has ever read:

'It is a war of bombing and mortars,' Kouchner said. 'There have already been numerous civilian casualties.' He refrained, however, from condemning the latest Russian bombing. M. Kouchner:

"I condemn, I can no longer hear both sides."

Kouchner will find much to talk about with young Obama, should he ascend to the throne he feels so rightfully is his. For Kouchner's diplomatic stylings will soon be indistinguishable from our own...

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