Friday, September 19, 2008

Because DOING something about it would entail taking responsibility...

The Democrats appear to be ready to cut-and-run on the current financial crisis, just as they were begging to be allowed to do in Iraq:

The Democratic-controlled Congress, acknowledging that it isn’t equipped to lead the way to a solution for the financial crisis and can’t agree on a path to follow, is likely to just get out of the way.

Lawmakers say they are unlikely to take action before, or to delay, their planned adjournments — Sept. 26 for the House of Representatives, a week later for the Senate. While they haven’t ruled out returning after the Nov. 4 elections, they would rather wait until next year unless Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, who are leading efforts to contain the crisis, call for help.

One reason, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday, is that “no one knows what to do” at the moment.

Well, of course "no one" know what to do - it's a Democratic-controlled Congress, after all. But cheer up, Harry, 'cause deep inside you know exactly what to do - blame George Bush for everything as you are boarding the plane!

Ah, it's likely the best thing that could happen - leaving it to Bush to straighten out. He'll figure a way out of this mess, as he always somehow does. And when he gets the job done, the Democrats will then drag their cowardly asses out of their hidey-holes, pointing the cooked finger of blame for all of their problems at...George Bush.

More like a disfunctional child than a political party with aspirations to lead America...

Ed at Hot Air:

First Pelosi adjourns the House in the middle of an energy supply crisis that hammered the working class with sharp hikes in fuel and food costs. Now both Pelosi and Reid want to adjourn both chambers of Congress rather than deal with the credit crisis that Washington created with its heavy-handed mandates to issue credit to marginally qualified borrowers and lack of oversight over government-guaranteed entities. Given their ineptitude, we probably should be grateful....


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