Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama Gets Bitch-Slapped By The Pharaoh

No doubt Obama was walking around the White House yesterday pounding his chest and expecting to come out of the Egyptian Crisis as King of the Arab World (and perhaps secretly believing he would show the naysayers that yes, he was Nobel Peace Prize worthy) as he awaiting Mubarak's surrender of power yesterday.

Alas, the Pharaoh p'wnd the president once again - and
singled him out for a bitch-slap as he spoke to the increasingly restive Egyptian people:

And I tell you here, as a head of state, I do not find any embarrassment at all in listening to the youth of my country, and to satisfying their demands. But the embarrassment would only lie in the fact — and I would never permit — is that I would listen to any sort of intervention that would come from outside, from the outside world, whatever the source is, whatever the intention behind them are.

I had never ever been accepting any sort of foreign intervention in Egyptian affairs.....

We are going to prove that we the Egyptians, our sense of awareness, of the demands of its people through a national dialogue, through the wise dialogue, we're going to prove that we are not followers to anybody, we're not going to take instructions from anybody, and no one is going to take decisions on our behalf, except only the rhythm of the street and the demands of the people...

Look like you f*cked this up too, Baracky. Regardless of who holds power in the future, you have irreparably ruptured the Egyptian-American relationship by allowing us to be cast as Western provocateurs. Your pathetic attempts at strong-arming in the Middle East has now completed a trifecta of failure - ignored by Israel, mocked by the Palestinians, slapped away by the Egyptians.

You want to learn how to strong-arm in the Middle East, little bitch-boy? Talk to your predecessor - maybe George W. Bush didn't speak well, but he carried a real big f*cking stick. Alas, your cowardice is well known throughout the region, and your words now fall on deaf ears.

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