Monday, February 28, 2011

J-Street: Not Kosher !

You would think that even a George Soros funded, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic group that was trying to pass itself off as the mainstream voice of American Judaism would have the smarts to offer some Kosher cuisine at their conference.

When I arrived at the conference this morning, before 8 a.m., I asked a staff person if the breakfast would include kosher options. She told me it would. But when the food arrived, there was nothing kosher to be found–not even fruit. I sufficed with coffee and decided to wait for lunch, when–with an hour of free time–I could rush on the metro to a kosher restaurant.

When that time came, I got ready to hurry out of the conference room only to be told by multiple J Street staffers that there were sandwiches for purchase across the building and yes, some of them were kosher.

You can guess what happened next. I arrived at the sandwich cart and requested the kosher option. I got a blank stare in return, and when I asked the manager she told me she had no idea what I was talking about. She hadn’t heard anything about kosher sandwiches. The best they could do, they said, was a regular turkey sandwich with the cheese taken off. No good.

From the comments:

I attended the conference last year with a small group of open-minded Orthodox students from my university, no kosher food to be found. We notified one of the senior staff of J Street who apologized and told us it was an organizational slip, that they had ordered kosher food but it somehow didn’t arrive. At least this time they didn’t lie about not expecting any observant attendees.

Funny. Is J-Street knowingly so far out of whack with traditional Jewish values that they assumed any Jews who even went to the trouble of keeping Kosher would never show their face at their conference? Or was it a deliberate slap in the face to observant Jews, a way to make them uncomfortable and feeling unwelcome?

Why not just host a pig roast, and get it out in the open and over with?

Jews may be perceived as smart, but they are really simply better educated, which outside of Israel has not helped their survival skills any (would you rather be lost in the woods with Sarah Palin or Barack Obama?). Liberals too as a whole may also be better educated but have less common sense than your average bricklayer. You would think that, in order to maintain the charade that J-Street is some type of "Jewish" organization, they would at least make a feeble
attempt at keeping kosher.

Comical in its ineptness, like so much of the Left's efforts. The equivalent, I suppose, of a Russian spy trying to work his way into secret corridors without dropping his
Boris Badenov accent. One would shake their heads before showing them the door.

Which is what should happen to J-Street, of course. Which is what would happen, if so many weren't intent on seeing them succeed...

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