Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"The People's Convention" Comes to Charlotte!

Hey, that's the title given to the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, S.C., as listed on BarackObama.com . So sayeth Barack:

Obama signaled that the gathering would be "a grassroots convention for the people" and promised to finance the convention differently than has been done in the past but provided no specifics on either point.

"This will be a different convention, for a different time," she said

Well, certainly different from the last one, but it may wind up to look a lot like the 1980 Democratic convention, as a grinning Jimmy Carter tried to convince the world he actually had a shot at getting four more years...

The Queen chimes in:

In her e-mail to supporters, Michelle Obama called for a grassroots “People’s Convention” and provided a link for online input.

Did someone bother to tell the Mr. & Mrs. that their socialism is showing? Virtually every socialist/communist government has festooned itself with titles using the word "Peoples" - the "People's Army" (to be used for mowing down dissidents), a "People's Manager" (to run state-seized business in an even more ineffective manner than the prior capitalists), and usually term their government as a "People's State", despite the fact that ordinary people have no role in choosing their leadership whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, while socialists use the word "People's" to connote a system that is managed by the proletariat, the truth is anything but that - it is run for the benefit of those who control the levers of power of the state, with the grunt work (the slave labor) being done by their subjects (not citizens), who are supposed to fill their bellies with pride that the state is "theirs", as opposed to filling it with food, which has either been sold, stolen, or unable to grow at all under incompetent management.

I'm not saying that naming the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte the "People's Convention" is yet another sly way to bring the socialism of the Obamas into the mainstream. It is, I've just said it before. What I find laughable is the idea that the American people are so stupid, so ignorant of history, that they would actually buy into the idea of a "people's convention" as something that would actually empower them, when it is really all about empowering the Obamas, and their political party.

But then again, the president and his advisers have made it quite clear how dim they believe the average American is. Perhaps they will find enough fools in Charlotte to make their point.

Or perhaps they will rename this convention by mid-February. All the better to hide the agenda...

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