Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Libyan Revolution: A Case For Missile Defense In Europe

Yeah, the Middle East is a long way from New Jersey. But not as far from the shores of sunny Italy, where some folks are quietly freaking out as the star & crescent are rising ominously, the way a different logo once dominated Europe.

Via the
PJ Tatler:

Italy’s Foreign minister is scared as hell. He knows that Ghadaffi is a cruel madman, and he knows as well that that it can be more cruel too.....just hand Libya to the Islamists, and you have half of the Libyan population running to the boats to reach Italy, and the other half calling for Jihad in the streets of Palermo and Milano.

And Europeans being Europeans, well....
this is not surprising:

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said Europeans should not "get involved too much" with the anti-regime movement in Libya.

"If Gaddafi falls, there will be bigger catastrophes in the world," he said without elaborating. "If we get involved, we would only complicate the situation."

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi also said on Saturday he would not "bother" his close friend Gaddafi...

The Czechs, sold off to the Nazis by the rest of Europe in order to buy 15 minutes of peace, should know better. Berlusconi, meanwhile, may go down in history as the next Nero - fiddling with teenage prostitutes while his nation is overrun by foreign hordes.

Which brings me to missile defense, a Bush policy, therefore one that has been trashed by the Obami, in their quest for "smart diplomacy". Considering the following scenario:

-Lybia becomes overtaken by Islamists, and is joined by Egypt, slave state Lebanon, and patron state Syria, in creating a virtual caliphate serving under the Iranian mullahs.

-Iran, unhindered by "smart diplomacy", develops a nuke within the next 18 months

said nuke is placed on Iranian Shahab-3 missiles, with a range of approximately 1,000 klicks, which puts much of Europe in range of a potential holocaust

-and speaking of which, the caliphate informs the world that any attempt to remove these missiles will result in the immediate destruction of the state of Israel, now surrounded on all sides by hostiles. And while sacrificing Jews to save their own skin is a time-honored European tradition, it will take American firepower to get the job done, and we are less likely to act with anger while a friend has a knife held to her throat.

Meanwhile, President Obama remians stock-still and silent, as a deer caught in the headlights. The man who would be King of the Arab world has been bypassed in favor of good old fashioned theocracy, and he stands slack-jawed, with no idea where to move next.

Of course it is his previous moves, such as essentially ending European missile defense, that has now put that continent in existential peril.

Is it time for Obama to re-think the wisdom of yet another George W. Bush policy? And where are the European intellectual elite that derided the Bush machinations as the cause of war itself?

They're either building bomb shelters or buying prayer rugs, I suppose. Thus leaving their fellow countrymen (it is a "union", right?) left to ponder yet another time-honored European tradition: Destruction and enslavement by a foreign power.

World War III, again in Battlefield Europe? Don't bet against it...


Anonymous said...

Related, at The Brussels Journal: Society Against Itself: Howard Schwartz On The Suicide Of Western Civilization

Although it wasn't really "society against itself", it was a comfortable middle class that elected leaders and paid little mind about what they were really up to.

Stuart Currier said...

Funny that you don't post comments you censor them maybe. Well we will see.

I agree Obama is an ass and twice the bigger ass for not creating a no fly zone right now over Libya.

If people are dieing from planes we have the power to stop that right now. So why not use this to help keep it on the ground.

Now if they take out one of ours then I guess we don't need ask for permission to take it to the ground and calm the situation, but Obama wants to keep looking for something in Afghan wasting our time.

We need to get out of there and make a military deal with Russia to train the most elite troops in the world to fight these crazy terrorists world wide.

Oh but that wouldn't be in the interest of the USA because it would reduce our military budget haveing and helping Russia.

I'm sick of the shit in the USA government thinking only one track spending more on military police world wide and more FBI in the USA this is BS.

My opinion sorry if you don't like it Born in Plymouth NH USA The Live Free or Die State

Go Libya get your freedom and I ask nothing from you except to believe in your right to be free.