Monday, February 07, 2011

Sarah Palin: Reagan's True Heir ?

Beauty is only skin-deep, but sometimes what a person carries with them on the inside - in their heart, their soul - can be discerned by the way they move, by the way they stand, by the look in their eyes.

Case in point - Sarah Palin at Ronald Reagan's "Western White House" over the weekend. Via
Big Government:

After touring the grounds, Governor Palin even mounted a horse—confident in the saddle—and road the very same trails the President loved with Agent Barletta. She had asked if it would be possible to ride, wanting to experience the Ranch as Ronald Reagan did....

The day was crystal clear, and our small group could look out over the rolling hills of ranchland and wine country framed by the peaks of a distant mountain range. I shared with the Governor something the president told Barbara Walters in an interview at Rancho del Cielo in 1981. Why does this remote property mean so much to you, Walters wondered? The president’s answer was simple:

I suppose it’s the scriptural line, “I look to the hills from whence cometh my strength.” I understand it a little better when I’m up here.

We paused at this spot and Governor Palin walked a few feet away from the rest of the group, to take in more of this dramatic California Central Coast vista, and, I think, to reflect on the experiences she had at the Ranch that day.

Or to perhaps stand for a moment where Ronald Reagan once did, and to see the world through his eyes.

Many of our officials pose at monuments, cemeteries, and memorials, aping the body language of reverence and respect, silently ticking the seconds off the clock until they can fall back into the decadence that is their "normal selves".

I don't see that in Sarah Palin. I see a soul that loves her nation, who is a part of its land, its water, and its people - perhaps the polar opposite of the man who occupies the White House right now, a stranger even to himself, one who views his Americans the way a zoologist observes his animals, as no more than caged stimulus/response subjects that can be played like fiddles once they are properly conditioned to do so.

I have thought for some time that "Palin for President" was a long shot. For some reason, the simple act of viewing her here, in the land of the Great Communicator, makes be believe - like Reagan did - that anything is possible....

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