Friday, February 18, 2011

The Battle of Wisconsin: Picking Winners and Losers

It's early, but not too early, to see how this might play out, if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans hold their ground.

Barack Obama: The Biggest Loser just lost more heft. Instead of keeping his mouth shut, he opened it in support of the rioting union thugs in Madison, and essentially removed all doubt. About where he stands on America's future, and what lies within his heart. He will be unable to double-talk his way around this one, and he will sink to new lows with cement galoshes made in the USA by union labor. Not to mention the repudiation of ObamaCare, the illegality of the Gulf Coast oil-drilling moratorium, and his endless touting of a budget that would be laughed out of a high school mathematics class. Done. Cooked Goose. Fork in him. Over.

Public Sector Unions: Loooooooooooosers. Who will ever believe a teacher again when they claim it is" for the children? Chris Christie stood tall against the NJEA, and
look at the results in the state known as Blue Jersey:

Public opinion of the New Jersey Education Association is a negative 21 to 46 percent, including a negative 23 to 45 percent among parents, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday.

The NJEA is playing a negative role in improving New Jersey schools, residents say 54 to 36 percent, including 56 to 36 percent among parents.

Merit pay for outstanding teachers is a good idea, New Jerseyans say 67 to 28 percent. By a similar 65 to 29 percent margin, voters say it should be easier to fire bad teachers.

And how do they feel about other public service unions?

New Jerseyans support layoffs for state workers 54 to 39 percent, the poll found with Republicans backing the action 66 to 25 percent while independents support it 56 to 38 percent. However, Democrats oppose layoffs 53 to 40 percent. Women support the action 50 to 43 percent while men back it 58 to 35 percent.

New Jerseyans also support other cutbacks to state workers by 63 to 25 percent, including 52 to 33 percent among Democrats, and for furloughs, 78 to 19 percent, including 63 to 31 percent among Democrats, for a wage freeze.

Scott Walker: If he stays firm, winner. Big. See Christie, Chris, in a state as blue as Wisconsin once was:

Christie gets a 52 to 42 percent approval for his handling of the state budget, compared to his overall 51 to 38 percent job approval. He is the only governor or mayor in any state surveyed by Quinnipiac whose approval for handling the state budget is not well below his overall job approval.

Liberalism as an ideology: Relegated to the historical dustbin, with a few flare-ups to be expected, like the mumps, measles, or smallpox. It collapses under its own weight, even if you buy into its dissonant principles:

...the liberal calculus often works out as mostly older white guys wanting their unsustainable pension and benefit payouts while the “other” and the more needy are shorted from receiving proper public attention. Since the states cannot print money and often lose population to other states when they raise taxes, the reality is that the well-off are enjoying perks that younger and private-sector workers lack while social services and the green visions of an Al Gore or a 2008 Obama are defunded.

Not to mention the fact that liberalism has finally lifted up its skirt and shown us their underpants - and they are covered in blood. Someone else's, usually someone who doesn't agree with them. The threats and acts of violence, despite being widely blacked out by the mainstream media, have been clearly noticed by a revolted American populace. This too, they will tie to Barack Obama, who has made it clear this is a battle he supports.

Too early for predictions? Nah. In fact, I'll make one more: While some folks fear these protests can spread nationwide like Greek wildfire, I will assure you of one thing: They will not occur in New Jersey.

Bullies and thugs never pick on anyone their own size...

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