Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin: "Unions Losing This Battle, And They Know It"

That's R.S. McCain speaking, but of course we predicted it a day ago. He's right, of course, as the unions now appear to be willing to offer a compromise solution, one that would have been unimaginable a few days ago. But like any commander who has the enemy on the run, Governor Walker is not going to give any ground when victory is within grasp; he's going for the entire enchilada.

And why not? While the union goons are turning the state into tatters for personal gain, thousands of Tea Partiers came from across the nation to provide backup to Scott Walker and the taxpayers of Wisconsin. With the armies of America gathering strength behind him, the unions are toast. He knows it. And the unions - who have sneered at the Tea Party since its formation - swallowed hard when they ran into this scene, and realized that their "moment in the sun" was over.

The battle will continue for some time, but it seems clear which side will emerge victorious, no matter how much ugliness (and eventually violence) will be perpetuated by the Left. Call it another failure on a grand scale by Barack Obama, who saw this as an opportunity to be an anti-Lincoln - attempting to divide a house against itself, and hoping to claim the largest share of the rubble when it collapsed - and ordered his minions into battle against the people of Wisconsin. Even the New York Times will admit as much:

The protests have become something of a galvanizing point for Democrats — in Wisconsin and beyond — after demoralizing defeats in last year’s elections.

The demonstrations have been more organized than organic, with some of the Democratic Party’s top strategists in Madison and Washington helping to assemble giant crowds. Labor unions, along with the Democratic National Committee and the White House, see this moment as an opportunity to begin rallying troops for the next election.

A test of power, much like the Nazi effort in the Spanish Civil War. Alas, Obama's troops are being slaughtered, and he has turned the populace even further against him, if such a thing were possible. No doubt the last thing he expected was to see his union allies attempt to sue for peace, and to have it turned down by the Republicans so that thay may finish the rout.

Rather than rallying the troops with a victory, Obama will see his army return defeated, exhausted, with their enemies on their tails, taunting them to come back for more. Rather than brightening his prospects for re-election, it seems as if Obama's hopes have dimmed, along with the unions and the Democrats that represent them.

But "bright" is not a word we'd apply to Barack Obama, or the unions these days. Now "dim", well....that's another story...

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LibertyAtStake said...

Agreed. Gov. Walker should give NOTHING. Happy Saturday Night.

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