Sunday, February 20, 2011

Madison Madness: George Will Blames Barack...

...and perhaps perfectly pins the tail that is wagging the union dog right where it belongs - on the Donkey-in-Chief himself:

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Is this the sort of battle that we're going to see shaping up around the country? Is this really the sort of political and philosophical debate that's going on right now about what these cuts are going to mean?

: It would have been even if the president hadn't intervened. But in the span of three days, Christiane, he first submits a budget that would increase the federal deficit and, two days later, he mobilizes his party, his own political machine, and organized labor, which is an appendage to his party, to sabotage Wisconsin's attempt to do what he will not do, which is deal with the insolvency of their government. In doing so, he has set the stage for 2012 by saying the Democratic Party is the party of government, not just in having an exaggerated view of the scope and competence of government, but because its base is in public employees.

And how's that going to play out in 2012? Just think of the 2010 electorate, this time going to the polls knowing Barack Obama supports wildcat striking, violent rhetoric (hey, the president was the first to call Scott Walker's proposal an "assault") and behavior, and the rape of the American taxpayer to satisfy the insatiable demands of the public sector unions.

Jeopardy answer: Who are...The Whigs?

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