Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Special: Alison Haislip Stars In "Hot Girl With Big Guns"

G4 is the best cable network for males - save for late-night Cinemax - as it primarily focuses on video games, snarky commentary, and violent tongue-in-cheek action flicks...all served up by the likes of Olivia Munn and Alison Haislip.

What is it about women with automatic weapons that drive a man wild? I can't answer the question, but if you want to, ah, "research the issue further", check out this video below of Miss Haislip at the Oklahoma Full Shoot and Trade Show, basting away with everything from Uzis to an M-134.

My favorite parts? One is at 2:19, where she turns from the gunsights and cracks an ear-to-ear, shit-eating grin as she is consumed by the thrill of the massive firepower at her command. And at the 2:49 mark, where she says exactly what I was thinking throughout the entire video: "God Bless America!"


Hat Tip: Barking Moonbat

Hmmm....will a few more pictures of Alison Haislip make this a Rule 5-worthy post? Let's see:

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