Friday, February 18, 2011

The Battle of Wisconsin: Profiles In Cowardice

Democrats show their true colors - yellow - as they flee the sate of Wisconsin rather than allow the legislature to vote on Union reforms. They can run, but they can't hide.

Here's one quisling being chased out of Rockford by the citizenry:

the rest of the crew of cringing chickens:

And here's the folks they are fighting to defend - teachers so smart and brave that the best argument they can make is
comparing their governor to Hitler. Isn't that usually the moment the debate has been lost?

Ironically, it seems as if the 9/11 truthers finally get some vindication - this time, a war has been started - and financed, and encouraged - by an American president for political gain. And like 9/11, we can't choose the wars that are forced upon us.

I pray Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans do not fail their nation now, for if they do, we will turn to Greece by St. Patrick's day.

And incidentally - perhaps Obama would like his cadres to try these shenanigans in New Jersey? What's the matter, Baby Baracky - to scared to take on the Big Dog himself, Chris Christie?

New logo of the Democratic Party

Pussy. C'mon, bring your socialist stichk to Jersey - we dare you....

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