Friday, February 25, 2011

Polls: ObamaCare Sucks, Barack A Weak-Kneed Pussy

Hey, I just write the headlines, OK? And if the AP can write inflammatory headlines slanting the sentiment in a certain direction, so can I.

However, that doesn't always work. Especially in polling, when sometimes an idea is so abhorrent that no matter how hard you work to skew the sample towards the Left, the public answers in a way that is...Right:

Obamacare Isn't Even Popular Among Grossly Over-Sampled Democrats

The newly released Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that, by a margin of 27 percentage points (59 to 32 percent), seniors have an “unfavorable,” rather than a “favorable,” opinion of Obamacare. The same poll also shows that, by a margin of 5 points (48 to 43 percent), Americans as a whole have an “unfavorable,” rather than a “favorable,” opinion of the overhaul. That’s not so striking in itself, but it is when you consider this fact: Only 24 percent of the poll’s respondents were Republicans.

About half of the poll’s remaining respondents, 36 percent of the overall tally, were Democrats. This 3-to-2 ratio of Democrats to Republicans isn’t even remotely representative of current party allegiance. Exit polling from the past election showed an even split: 35 percent Republicans, 35 percent Democrats. When you factor in “leaners,” the Kaiser poll included 37 percent Republicans and 50 percent Democrats.

Fail, Epic. Jeez, if you are going to befoul your operation so with warped metrics, why not just poll the newsroom of the New York Times and get the result you want?

And speaking of results certain people didn't want....

40 Percent of Americans Rate President Obama a “Poor” Leader

...the number of Americans who think the president is a “poor” leader now doubles the number who think he is an “excellent” one, according to a newly released Rasmussen poll of likely voters.

In response to a rather straightforward question — “How would you rate Barack Obama as a leader?” — 40 percent of Americans replied that Obama is a “poor” leader, while just 20 percent replied that he is an “excellent” one. Among independents, the ratio was more than three to one against: 43 percent think Obama is a “poor” leader, while just 14 percent think he is an “excellent” one.

A majority of the remaining respondents, both overall and among independents, rate Obama as a “fair” leader, rather than as a “good” one.

Somewhere - on a peanut farm, perhaps, or in a bomb factory in Gaza - Jimmy Carter is flashing his famous smile...

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Anonymous said...

A "weak kneed pussy"? Isn't that a hate crime?

He's really just "leadership challenged", and deserves our sympathy and not our scorn.

In fact, I think he deserves a grant, or a stipend, to help him get over this crippling emotional disability which is really more society's fault than poor Barack's.