Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sacre Bleu! Top French Search Term Is "Jew"!

And no doubt, it is due to the deep desire amongst the French to find out more about their Jewish brethren, who they couldn't wait to turn over to the Nazis in 1941:

An Internet tool that flags up popular search words has spontaneously revealed a deeper trend: French web surfers' exceeding curiosity about whether their politicians are Jewish.

Observers say the phenomenon betrays an obsession in a country with a sensitive history of anti-Semitism.

The newspaper Le Monde said that a comparison of searches on various language versions of Google revealed that Autocomplete linked Jewishness to politicians far more commonly in France than in other countries.

The same effect occurs on the French version of another major search engine, Yahoo!

"The auto-completion technology used by Google could in theory reveal the mentality of the country where these propositions originate," said Olivier Ertzscheid, an Internet specialist at Nantes University.

"It is not by chance if the word 'Jewish' appears linked to more search queries in France than elsewhere. It goes back to something in the history of the country in question," he told AFP.

Yeah, you think?

But try entering the name of a politician such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn -- the International Monetary Fund head who could challenge for the French presidency next year -- in the French version, Google.fr.

...the fourth commonest search offered in French is "dominique strauss kahn juif" (Jewish).

As the nations of the Middle East finally overthrow their tyrants, they scream "Jew! Jew! Jew!". Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims there never was a Holocaust, but boy-oh-boy give him another year or two and he'll show you a Holocaust! Meanwhile, the Jewish nation is demonized daily at the UN, with their erstwhile ally the United States now leading the charge. And as we have just noted, in France, the populace furiously searches for the stain of Jewish blood in their political leadership.

What year are we living in again? I suppose it doesn't matter much, as some things apparently will not change, or be mentioned in polite society...

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