Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lara Logan

Our heart goes out to her, and our prayers. Her horrific assault at the hands of an Egyptian mob - aka "democracy advocates" - makes one wonder what type of leader will emerge to take the helm of a "New Egypt". An advocate of "liberal governance" in its classic meaning, or a member of a rape gang?

Ace speaks to our inner disgust with the entire region:

On the other hand, goddamn if I am not weary of a barbaric desert nomad culture of rape and outrage while carrying around a ton of chip-on-the-shoulder arrogance-hiding-profound-insecurity about it all.

Oh right, a thousand years ago they invented algebra. So, like, they should keep doing victory laps over that.

But hey - we can live with an nuclear Iranian, no problem! And let's give the Palestinians a state -what could possibly go wrong? And let's lift the blockade of Gaza! And send our ambassador back to Syria! Because it isn't the fanatical, tribal, backward Arab people that are the problem - it's Israel, and the goddamn Jews! Everyone knows that!

And by the way - is anyone still wondering why the Israelis built that f*cking wall?

And when "peace" activists demand that Israel tear it down, is it now not perfectly clear what they wish to subject the Jews to?

And speaking of which:

A network source told The Post that her attackers were screaming, "Jew! Jew!" during the assault. And the day before, Logan had told that Egyptian soldiers hassling her and her crew had accused them of "being Israeli spies." Logan is not Jewish.

Not that it mattered. In the caliphate, you are either Islamic, or inhuman....


Conservative Libertine said...

Shall we take bets on how long it will take before the media starts to compare this democratic rally / rape to a Tea Party demonstration?

The JerseyNut said...

Eventually, I am sure...but one thing we have learned already is that the academic left thinks the assault on Lara Logan is funny, and that "she had it coming", as she dared to report honestly on the Iraqi War:

Deep in their hearts (or maybe not so deep), the American Left wishes they could have been part of this particualr Egyptian mob...