Sunday, February 06, 2011

Barack Obama Gets P'wnd By The Pharaoh

Clarice Feldman made me laugh this morning - well, it was more like the chuckle of the damned, actually, but nevertheless she hits it dead-on:

This week saw a showdown between the man whose most significant achievement before 2008 was that he very nearly got the asbestos removed from the Altgeld Gardens tenements in Chicago and the third-longest-ruling head of Egypt since the Pharaoh Ramses, whose reign lasted 67 years. The Egyptian, an 82-year-old with terminal cancer, easily bested the community organizer, the man elected by people who quite clearly confused the last presidential election with an American idol contest. While many who elected the American president probably do not yet realize it, it is lucky for them that he lost the showdown, for had he not, the results would have created worldwide havoc and devastation.

The man who in 2009 in Cairo said, "So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed on one nation by any other" was now dictating to Mubarak the kind of government Egypt should have and when it should have it. Mubarak noted only the obvious: that if he stepped down immediately, the situation would devolve into chaos. The rulers of Egypt have a stake in its continued existence which supersedes Obama's adolescent moral preening. Had Obama any real interest in democracy in Egypt, he would have followed Bush's lead and done something to help bring that about before this.

We are now represented across the world by a first-class chump, folks. Thank you Democrats, and 52.7% of America.

Although I usually do not like to title my posts using soon-to-be-obsolete slang that will make it un-findable in a future Google search, I thought the definition trail here was apt, and well worth using and repeating - via the
Urban Dictionary:

P'wnd: to be owned, to have the smack down place on you, most often occuring to noobs

: Someone who does not know how the world works, what is going on, or anything. They aren't as new as annoying. [as opposed to a newbie - someone new but isn't an idiot]. A n00b is the most annoying thing on this earth!

President Noob, p'wnd by the Pharaoh.

God help us all....


Jim - PRS said...

"... the man elected by people who quite clearly confused the last presidential election with an American idol contest."


The JerseyNut said...

Hopefully, Jim, we won't get fooled again.

Hopefully. The media's smoke machine is already cranked up and blowing...