Sunday, February 20, 2011

Donna Brazile Threatens Republican Congressman

On ABC's This Week, Democratic party hack Donna Brazile, getting her ass thoroughly kicked by George Will and newly-elected Florida Congressman Steve Southerland, lashes out at the first-termer as he asks to refute her lies, and tries to short-circuit his response. An amazing exchange:

SOUTHERLAND: I want to say something about, you know, Donna's comments.

: Now, remember, you're a freshman.

: I remember. I remember. But let me say this...

BRAZILE: And I'm your first woman on national TV, other than Christiane. Now, be careful.

Be careful of what, exactly? Is that a threat? What respect does any Congressman, regardless of seniority, obligated to show a functionary of the opposition party? Is Brazile promising to call him out as misogynist if he pointed out her inability to speak truthfully? And is it a positive that she didn't point out the color of her skin as well, as the final warning, or was that a threat that need not be spoken, as it was implicit within the first two?

Southerland wasn't cowed, though. Good for him. Part of being a Republican these days is getting used to threats by the opposition against your career, yourself, and your family.

But Brazile does sum up liberalism worldview quite well with her bluster. I'm a liberal, I'm a woman, and I'm black, so I have absolute moral authority. You? You're just a whitely newbie. So know you place, and sit quietly while I lie about you. Or else.

Thanks for showing America the "true colors" of the Democratic party, Donna. Any more moments of honesty like that, though, and the Democrats will be relegated to "rump party" status in 2012...

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