Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Under Seige, And A Revolution Unexpected

..as of this posting, the WikiLeaks site is down, apparently from a "Denial of Service"-style attack.

Apparently, Wikileaks has been jumping on and off Amazon's servers-for-rent, their cloud-type system being significantly harder to bring down.

Still, I find it interesting that while governments dither in the face of Julian Assange's pathological urge to destroy the West, and America in particular, ordinary citizens are fighting back with every tool at their disposal (true, hackers may not be "ordinary citizens", and true, this may be a government-sponsored attack, but the sporadic and not always entirely effective nature of the "counterattack" on Wikileaks leads me to believe it is "people-sourced" rather than government-directed).

A strange dynamic is at play in the world today. Leaders beat their chests and issue proclamations from Tehran to Washington, yet the truth comes out and mocks them, almost immediately, via Twitter and YouTube. Attackers from foreign nations are just as likely to be brought down by concerned citizens (think the Christmas bomber of 2009) as they are from government-approved special/armed forces. The Republican party is co-opted by the Tea Party, which proceeds to run the Democratic party out of town on a rail. Politicians wail about "climate change", and are roundly ignored by the citizenry, save to vote them out of office. And the mainstream corporate media, which had always vowed to "televise the revolution", has been sidelined and replaced by citizen journalists, and their blogs...

Have the people of the West given up on their governments? Have we grown so frustrated by their elitism, their out-of-touchiness, their inability to get anything done, that we have decided just to ignore them and get it (whatever it is) done by ourselves? Has Western civilization reached a point where the only government we need, the only one we want, is one that will maintain the roads and protect the borders? Are we in the midst of a revolution we never expected or planned for, one in which our governments will be overthrown by...sheer indifference?

And, if so...at what point to we stop paying taxes for services no longer rendered?


Anonymous said...

I had set my 'reload every' to 5 seconds

My little protest

The JerseyNut said...

Well played! Should have thought of that myself...