Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NJ-12: Is Rush Holt in Real Trouble?

18% reporting:

Sipprelle 61% Holt 38%

It's still early....

Meanwhile, while Anna Little maintains a 2% lead over Frank Pallone, MoreMonmouthMusings gives us a buzzkill:

With 92% of the Monmouth County districts reporting, Anna Little is leading Frank Pallone by 2%. Middlesex and Union have yet to report.

This is not good news for Little who will likely need a double digit lead in Monmouth County to win the entire district.

Union is deep blue. Unless Middlesex swings even further to the right - and that county did go for Christie by 4%, after going for Obama by 23% - Anna Little may find the blue hill a bit too steep to climb.

A shame, because if Anna can't beat Frank Pallone this year, expect him to be in the House for a generation...

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