Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Veteran's Day, Obama Praises The Troops - Indonesia's Troops, That Is...

....while bashing American democracy overseas:

...Not that Obama doesn't appreciate the sacrifices of veterans. He absolutely does. Just ask the Indonesians.

He was in Jakarta for their Heroes Day this week to honor their veterans "who have sacrificed on behalf of this great country."

"This great country," of course, being Indonesia.

"When my stepfather was a boy, he watched his own father and older brother leave home to fight and die in the struggle for Indonesian independence," Obama told the audience.

And the White House wonders why so many people think there is something foreign about this guy.

In the same speech, Obama gave voice to a harsh criticism he has heard about freely elected governments.

"Today, we sometimes hear that democracy stands in the way of economic progress," he said

The shocking statement raises the question: Where has Obama heard this fatuous claim and with whom has he been talking politics?

Oh! Oh! I can answer that one!

He hears it from Thomas Friedman at the New York Times, as well as the entire inner circle of his closest leftist advisers, all of whom are frustrated that an American president cannot simply point his finger and command people and businesses to do exactly what they want them to do. And have the results turn out exactly they way their socialist economic textbooks tell them they will...

And no one else has ever heard this, or even dreamed of it, because most average people do not spend their lives in a radical left-wing echo chamber!

How's that answer?

I guess this is what a "Happy Veteran's Day" greeting sounds like from Barack Obama - a trip far from the homeland, a casual toss of a wreath at a U.S. base somewhere in South Korea, and high praise for Muslim soldiers fighting for "the great country" of...Indonesia.

That "plunk" sound you just heard, by the way, was what remains of the president's "approval" ratings, dropping even further into the drink...


sdkar said...

I am surprised this POS didn't go over to iraq or maybe afghanistan and heap thanks and praises to the fighting men over know, the ones that are killing American Soldiers.

How in the FCUK does anyone that even remotely considers himself an American vote for this asshat? Obama does not love this country and has to be one of the most American hating person alive.

Our real soldiers and veterans must want to puke in their boots at the thought of this guy as the commander in chief. Our founding fathers, and every soldier who have fought and died for this Great Country must be spinning in their graves. I guarantee you if you go to Arlington Cemetary right now, you will feel the earth moving, of this I am sure.

The only thing I can say good about BHO is that maybe once in a while, a nice slap in the face of all Americans is a reminder of who we are supposed to be and remember where we came from, so that we can correct course. 2012 can NOT come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sdkar. Entirely.