Monday, November 01, 2010

Relax. Joe Miller Is Going To Win....

...and he can likely thank CBS affiliate KTVA in Anchorage for boosting his numbers with their douchebag shenanigans over the weekend, in which thy openly plotted to create false (negative) stories about his campaign for the purposes of sabotaging it.

Public Policy Polling gives us this:

Joe Miller is favored heading into the final two days of the US Senate campaign in Alaska. 37% of voters say they'll pick him while 30% plan to vote for Scott McAdams and another 30% plan to write in Lisa Murkowski.

It appears that Murkowski will lose this race. There are 2 main reasons for that. The first is that she retained little goodwill from Republicans after deciding to make an independent bid. Only 27% of GOP voters are planning to vote for her on Tuesday, down from 31% from a PPP poll earlier in October. The second reason Murkowski's headed for a loss is that she failed to dominate with independents. She is slightly ahead with them, getting 34% to 32% for McAdams and 31% for Miller. But they're not providing her with a strong base of support the way Democrats are for McAdams and Republicans for Miller.

In a cycle that has seen a lot of strange races, this one may well be the strangest...

Oh, I don't know about that, PPP. Just wait until some of the results start coming in, about 36 hours from now...

UPDATE: More from Gateway Pundit:

The [Alaskan]state-run media will do anything, anything, to get liberals elected.
Just a couple of months ago they had Joe Miller down by 32 points in the primary.

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