Monday, November 01, 2010

NJ-12: Rush Holt Lies, Hope Dies...?

Well, what is Rush Holt (D-NJ12) going to run on? His record as a tax and spend liberal who stole health care from his constituents, whojust happen to be among the most taxed in the nation?

So instead, he's just making sh*t up, and using his lobbyist-funded war chest to spread his lies far and wide:

An advertisement by Rep. Rush Holt's campaign, released the week before voters decide the 12th District race between the 11-year congressman and GOP investor Scott Sipprelle, leaves no doubt the contest has gotten personal.

The radio ad accuses millionaire venture capitalist Sipprelle of using his influence on a citizen advisory panel to cut himself a better property tax deal for his posh Princeton Borough home.

Sipprelle, who vehemently denies the charge, has demanded through an attorney that the ad be halted. The cease and desist letter is being ignored.

I've heard plenty of Rush Holt ads on the radio lately - not that he ever speaks of himself, of course - and each is the same: a vicious 30 second assault on the truth, claiming Sipprelle is going to privatize social security, destroy Medicare, kill your name it. Never a reason given to vote for Rush Holt; only baseless lies vomited out as reason to vote against Scott Sipprelle.

His supporters champion Rush Holt as a man of reason and science. So why can't he make his case on his own merits and record, as opposed to simply making baseless claims about his opponent?

Maybe Holt is now what he says he is, or what his sycophantic followers believe him to be.

The above story also mentions a recent poll shows Holt now leading Sipprelle, 51 percent to 43 percent. While Holt's number remains unchanged, it is Sipprelle's support that has dropped, by 3%. Negative advertising works, and that is all Holt has been airing for the last two weeks.

Still, it contrasts with a poll released just this past Friday, showing Sipprelle leading by one. And it runs counter to a nationwide trend of Republicans eeking out ahead or enlarging their lead in races all across America....

Hey - I'm voting early tomorrow, and voting for Scott Sipprelle. My fingers are crossed, because if we can't do it this year, we may have the far-left, tax-hiking, Israel-hating, Pelosi-worshipping Holt representing NJ-12 for a generation, or until the district gets re-shaped.

I'll be blogging the elections all day tomorrow, with a little extra focus on Jersey, and as much reporting as I can do on NJ-12 as possible. Stay tuned, and fight back against Rush Holt's filth the only way we voting his sorry ass out...

UPDATE: Yeah, Holt does remind me of Chet from Weird Science:

I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad everything. I'm even considering makin' up some shit!"

This, by the way, is what happens when you "make up shit"...right, Chet?

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