Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election 2010: New Jersey Wrap-up, A Few National Notes...

Anna Little gave Frank Pallone a scare, but will lose 54%-44%. I'm sorry, Anna. You deserved better.

Scott Sipprelle pushed Rush Holt to the brink, but will go down 52%-48%.

I suppose there was a lot of races like these tonight - ones we thought were winnable in a "wave year", that were lost nationwide, with entrenched Democrats holding on by the skin of their collective teeths. For some it will serve as a warning, for others - like Holt - it will be immediately ignored as they go back to their liberal shenanigans. Oh well. Fools like Holt can do much less damage in the minority, I suppose.

I guess that's the difference between taking 60 seats and 80 seats. A figure the media played up nicely (as did some self-assured pundits) in the end, knowing how unlikely it was and how it could provide cover for the Democrat's massive losses. I'm sure we'll see that spin any second now...

But a swing in power unseen since the Depression years? The elimination of Russ Feingold, and the turning of Wisconsin into a "red state"? A Republican taking Barack Obama's Senate seat? Pat Toomey getting elected in Pennsylvania, a state that went Obama +1o two years ago? And an "ethnisizing" (my word) of the GOP nationally - Alan West, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio - that will eliminate the Democrat's monopoly on - dare I say - multiculturalism?

Nothing short of remarkable. And yet, the proper response by the people to the work of the Democrats for the last two years. And yet, we'll wake up tomorrow to learn the heavy lifting has not really even begun, as a smug and smirking Barack Obama makes excuses and broaches no compromises in the aftermath.

And finally - he won't be outside of the margin of Jersey corruption, but I'm going to go out on a limb and give props to Jon Runyon for taking a Democrat-held seat in CD-3, as he holds onto a 6,000 vote lead with only two precincts remaining. So, in this, the great Republican Wave Year of 2010, I can hold up my head and proudly say:

"Jersey Represents!!!"

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Jkw said...

I'm Disappointed Anna Little & Scott Sipprelle didn't win that could have been the start of real change in NJ and the country.

We really needed those 80 seats and control of the Senate.

Your analysis is on Target, No matter what they say about working together neither Holt or Obama are going to change their philosophy.

The next 2 years could be as bad as the last.

Thanks for keeping us updated yesterday.