Saturday, November 06, 2010

CBS Photoshops Obama... make a non-so-subtle point on their political web page: His "black half" will be there to work with Democrats, but he'll need to use his "white half" to work with the Republicans:

Looks like CBS can't move into the post-racial era, either. And what half will he use to work with Col. West and Tim Scott, pray tell? Or Nikki Haley, or Susan Martinez? Can he metamorphosis his skin tones - chameleon-style - in a way that will make him match the color of the person he is working with? Is that what CBS boils down the state of our national politics to?

Obama's skin tone doesn't matter to the people he is about to be working with, it's his insides- pure ugly - that is at issue.

The most revealing thing about this photo is what it says about CBS's mindset. Racialist, or simply still stuck on stupid? We'll know by how they confront Barack Obama on 60 Minutes tonight when he claims his midterm defeat was caused by a "failure to communicate..."

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