Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NJ-CD3: Jon Runyon To Pick Up The Fumble, And Run It In?

That's what former (Republican) New Jersey governor Tom Kean is saying:

Former New Jersey governor Tom Kean tells National Review Online that he’s keeping an eye on the 3rd congressional district, where Republican Jon Runyan, a former NFL lineman, is locked in a close race with Rep. John Adler, a freshman Democrat.

“I think we’re competitive there,” Kean says. “We should pick that up. I’ve spoken with Democrats in the district, people who’ve seen the internal polling, and they’re all pretty downcast

If you recall, this is the district where Adler's people put a fake Tea Party candidate on the ballot in order to siphon support from Runyon. Looks like our big lineman is going to break that block, pick up Adler's fumble of the public trust, and run it all the way to Washington, DC....

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