Sunday, November 07, 2010

Michael Bloomberg Stars in: Liberals Gone Wild!

Despite the fact that New York Mayor Michale Bloomberg ran as a Republican his first term (the Democratic ticket was taken), and as an independent the last two (despite being legally limited to two), our boy is a dyed in the wool liberal elitist, from his smoking bans to his in-your-meal calorie-counting to his bike lanes over car lanes ideology in the world's most congested city.

And to prove it, while visiting China the other day, our esteemed mayor went off on everyone who is not, or does not think like, him:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg in China: People elected to Congress 'can't read'

Here's how Mayor Bloomberg views the newest members of Congress: What a bunch of rubes!

"If you look at the U.S., you look at who we are electing to Congress, to the Senate, they can't read," Bloomberg told The Wall Street Journal while in Hong Kong for the C40 summit.

"I'll bet you a bunch of these people don't have passports. We're about to start a trade war with China if we're not careful here - only because nobody knows where China is. Nobody knows what China is."

Bloomberg, who went to Johns Hopkins and Harvard and has three private planes at his disposal, fancies himself an independent with business smarts.

But his blunt remarks - seemingly aimed at Republicans who picked up 61 House seats and six Senate spots in the midterm elections - had conservatives calling him an arrogant elitist.

Man, Bloomie checks just about every box in the elite-list! Let's review:

-insulting America while abroad, while subtly and simultaneously...

-showing indecent respect for the brutal and repressive Chinese government. Wishful thinking? Why not ask Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo for his thoughts? Oh, sorry, that's right - he's currently being tortured in an underground prison by your new-found heroes...

-displaying an utter disdain for folks who are not Ivy-league educated, regardless of their "real world credentials". Why not ask Col. Allen West (R-FL) or former Marine and undercover FBI agent Michael Grimm (R-NY) if they have passports? Or Princeton educated Nina Hayworth (R-NY) if she "can read"?

-accusations of geopolitical ignorance on the other side. There are seven ex Iraq/Afghanistan veterans in Congress now, Mr. Bloomberg - I dare you to approach them, and inquire - with your little-man nastiness -if they can locate China on a map.

-repeating insulting left-wing talking points as established fact. Here, Bloomberg paraphrases Peter Beinart's argument for keeping NPR to a "T"

...since America is increasingly buffeted by decisions made in other countries, our national ignorance is becoming a threat to our national security...That being the case, shouldn't we keep funding NPR, so someone can tell Americans where those countries actually are?

Sound familiar? I'll bet Bloomie read Beinart's piece, and couldn't wait to use the himself, to show just how smart he is...

Michael Bloomberg overstayed his welcome by one term; in retirement he will gloomily weigh the wisdom of the laws he bribed his way past. Once seen as a strong and independent voice, the extra term has allowed the veil to fall, and expose him as one of the very same people we are trying to drive out of public life before they destroy us completely...the liberal elitist.
Walter Russell Mead describes the genus perfectly:

Give us more power because we understand the world better than you do, was the message. We are so smart, so well-credentialed, so careful to read all the best papers by all the certified experts that the recommendations we make and the regulations we write, however outlandish and burdensome they look to all you non-experts out there, are certain to work. Trust us because we are always right, and only fools and charlatans would be so stupid as to disagree...

To Bloomie, we are fools, charlatans, worthless, stupid, plebes. We will sit patiently through your insults, Mr. Mayor, but rest assured - should you consider a run in 2012, we promise to stop you dead in your tracks...with your own words...

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John Smithson said...

Thanks for carrying this story. What I would like to know is this: who is responsible for letting this midget run in the GOP a few years ago? Bloomberg is the poster boy for what is/was wrong with the Establishment GOP. Nothing in the text about his standing at Harvard. I am thinking he made the top 95% of his graduating class possible.