Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Anna Little Has A Big Pair...

...and that's why we love our Tea Party Darling, loss to Frank Pallone notwithstanding. She tried to climb the blue mountain that is CD-6 and was unsuccessful, but she remains undaunted.

In fact...

Audacious in defeat, Little declares for 2012

Before an enthusiastic crowd 250-300 people, Anna Little conceded her CD-6 congressional race to Frank Pallone and announced that she would be back in 2012.

Little announced the formation of the Anna’s Army Foundation , Anna’s Army PAC and the Little Government is Good Government PAC.

What will be different in CD-6 from the bleak landscape I painted earlier today? The possibility of redistricting, as New Jersey will likely lose one House seat based on the 2010 census. If CD-6 becomes more friendly, Anna might stand a puncher's chance. If not, she seems to be following in Sarah Palin's footsteps, using her statewide, and somewhat national fame to raise money in support of candidates who follow her dogma - Little Government is Good Government!

I love it. Down on the canvas, bloodied but unbowed, she pulls herself up by the ropes and demands a rematch. Tough as nails, our Anna is...and so freaking Jersey!!

And should a certain superstar Republican need a running mate at some point in the future, well...they just look so cute together, don't they?

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