Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NJ-6: As Goes Anna Little, So Goes America?

Anna C. Little is the little Tea Party engine that just might....defeat Frank Pallone, a smug, smarmy, self-satisfied Democrat who brags about being the "true architect" of Obamacare. That is, until recently, when all such mention was scrubbed from his website. Gee, Frank, what's the matter? Ashamed of your "signature accomplishment"? Or just reading the polls a bit closer?

Pallone might epitomize everything that is wrong with our politicians, while Anna Little - multi-lingual Mayor of the Highlands, winner of a primary against self-financed millionairess Diane Gooch,and an honest patriot - may exemplify everything that is right.

As goes NJ CD-6, so goes America?

The outcome of the Anna Little/ Frank Pallone race in the sixth congressional district will set the tone of the Tea Party's strength around the country. If Anna Little wins the House seat, there is a high probability that Republicans could win as many as 100 seats today. If Little loses by one or two points, Republicans should pick up at least 70 seats. This race is in so many ways a bellwether for the rest of the nation.

According to the latest poll numbers at RealClear Politics, Frank Pallone, a 22-year incumbent with a campaign chest of more than $4 million and one of the most left-wing members of the House of Representatives, is in the race of his life. Pallone is ahead by only five points, down from 12 points earlier in the month. In previous elections, Pallone has won by margins of two to one. In other words, Little is in striking distance of one of the greatest upsets in New Jersey politics. In fact, a case can be made that Pallone will lose to Little because he is not ahead by double digits going into the last weekend of the campaign.

"Anna's army" has been storming throughout the district, while Pallone supporters have been somewhere between depressed, embarrassed, and invisible. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, as our Tea Party Darling has a chance to unseat one of the more detestable members of Nancy & Barack's brigades.

We'll update this race as the night unfolds...

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Susan said...

Anna Little should have won this election! The plolling numbers proved this! I believe that there was voter fraud committed in Pallone's favor!!! There were many reported as election day progressed! There should be an investigation! Pallone is known to be a lying, cheating, snake!