Sunday, November 14, 2010

Barack Obama Shows World What A Whiny Little Bitch He Is

Amazing. From the nation that gave the world John Wayne, John McCain, cigar-chomping Marines, and George "smoke 'em out" Bush, we now get...this:

The president complained several times during his news conference about the U.S. media’s coverage of the G-20 summit. He pushed back at the suggestion that he’s weaker on the world stage because of the midterm elections and argued that his fellow leaders are no tougher on him than they were a year ago when he was new to the scene and his poll numbers were high.

“I remember our first G-20, you guys writing the exact same stories you’re writing now. Don’t you remember that, Sheryl?” Obama said to The New York Times’s Sheryl Stolberg.

Asked by CBS’s Chip Reid about complaints heard from other leaders during the summit, Obama shot back: “What about compliments?”

He appeared thin-skinned about the characterizations of his time at the summit,
saying that nobody wrote about leaders setting the stage for financial regulatory reform at the last G-20 summit because it “wasn’t real sexy” and criticizing reporters’ “search for drama.”

William Kristol comments:

...did Obama really expect a reporter to stand up at the end of last week and ask, “Mr. President, what compliments did you receive from foreign leaders?”

That is, apparently, exactly what the president expected.

And that has us worried. We’ve assumed the president would learn from the voters’ repudiation of his party on November 2. We’ve assumed he would learn from reality’s refutation of his policies over the last two years. But the vanity...seems to be standing in the way of such learning.

Ah. But Barack Obama represents a different type of learning and achievement, with the rules and bars of each being set by the liberal establishment. What have they wrought?

Actually, it's not about achievement at all, it's simply about trying. And if you tried, and still failed, well - you'll still get a good grade, and you will be praised incessantly for your intentions, regardless of what the outcome of those intentions are. Self-esteem being worth more than self-achievement, of course, with tons of extra credit if you happen to have a darker hue of skin than the majority of the American people. Even more praise shall be given, if the advancement of said failing student helps the personal self-esteem and self-worth of the teachers involved. And remember - if something goes wrong, it is never your fault, it is always - and only -because someone who hates said skin tone is trying to hold you back in nefarious fashion.

And what is the end result of the "liberal method" of education? Barack Hussein Obama, standing in front of the world, having just completed an economic summit that is being graded a failure by even his most loyal syncophants, whining about being criticised, and demanding to hear a retelling of the praise and compliments heaped upon him by world leaders, whether true or not, whether earned or not.

The lesson of the Obama presidency go far beyond politics, and speaks to the poison of the liberal mindset that is seeping - nay, flowing - into our education system at every level, and threatening to make Barack Obamas of us all...


LibertyAtStake said...

You make a good point on the ridiculous "trying is succeeding" ethos. However, I think the more destructive liberal contribution is that certain preferred miniorities are allowed to "succeed" without needing to "try." In this sense, Obama is the quota President for all time. Behold the the results.
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Anonymous said...

Here's another guy who thinks Obama is a Whiny Little Bitch: