Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Turnout Report - Nationwide Update

It's all over the place today...a few different sources give us a few different views...here's some from Jim Geraghty:


Here in Yuppie Acres, Alexandria, turnout was roughly what I remember in last year’s gubernatorial race.

One reader in one of Virginia’s not-really-hard-fought 1st Congressional District (Krystal Ball may be a lot of fun at Christmas parties, but she’s not a competitive candidate) says he too, finds turnout comparable to last year’s gubernatorial race; while another in the same district finds turnout way, way down at his usual polling place.

(Note: Being that a Republican won handily in the 2009 Virginia Governor's race, it seems as if "comparable turnout" is a good thing here...)


From a reader: “I’m in Macomb County, the heart of ‘Reagan Democrat’ country. The polls opened at 7:00, I was there at 7:02 and got ballot #38. There was a line out the door when I got there and still was when I left. Overheard a conversation between two women in line behind me:

Woman #1: I don’t usually vote, but my husband told me this time I needed to go. I haven’t been paying attention, way too many ads all the time. He said just vote straight Republican.

Woman #2: That’s what I’m doing.

"Several other affirmations along those lines. Completely unscientific but I think a hopeful sign.”


“Just chiming in from lovely Ponte Vedra, FL… Showed up at my polling place at 10 minutes before the polls opened (7:00 AM here), and there were already about 15 people…by the time I left after voting, there were at least 25-30, although the line wasn’t quite out the door yet… In comparison, when I voted in 2008, it was about 2/3 as much at around the same time of day, if I remember correctly…so seemed a bit busier today, in my opinion.”

NECN in Maine reports:

Officials in Maine's largest cities are reporting light to moderate turnouts in early morning voting as Mainers go to the polls to settle a bruising five-way race for governor, heated races for the U.S. House and a contentious casino proposal.

Officials in Portland and Bangor say turnout is light. In Lewiston, an election official described early turnout as steady.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap forecasts up to 55 percent of eligible voters to cast tallies...

So we are all over the board here, including my somewhat nervous report earlier from
Old Bridge, New Jersey. Is high turnout a sign the Democratic GOTV machine is working, or is it a sign the independents have risen and are voting Republican?

As the pollsters said yesterday before signing off, we're in uncharted territory....

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