Monday, November 22, 2010

If The Democrats Still Ask "Why Do They Hate Us..."

...maybe they should listen to Hillary Clinton's remarks about the TSA's heavy-handed screening policy. It's not that your ideas and values aren't being communicated clearly enough, it's because they are:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says officials should try to make the new airport security measures, including full body scans and intimate pat-downs, less intrusive.

Clinton says there's clearly a need for the tighter security. But she says the government should explore ways to "to limit the number of people who are going to be put through surveillance."

She says she understands "how offensive it must be" for some people to undergo the searches. She says there's a need to strike "the right balance" and to "get it better and less intrusive and more precise."

Would she submit to a pat-down? "Not if I could avoid it," Clinton says. "No. I mean, who would?"

Hillary's never had to suffer the indignity of a grope-down, and she never will. But never fear, she "understands" the way the common folk feel while the government is fondling their genitals, and she's on your side. Well, sort of. She has no say in the matter and no power over the agencies involved, but she "believes" the government should "explore" ways of "limiting" their sexual assaults - not ending them.

So what can be inferred here? Hillary is savvy enough politically to realize the American people are pissed about the TSA's causal molestation of women and children, so she's paying lip service to some sort of policy adjustments, even though there are currently no mechanisms underway to make those adjustments. And let's face it - she admittedly will never face the intrusiveness of the TSA security regime, and she's not an elected official who can be held responsible, so her minimalistic "I feel your pain" Bill Clinton-lite rhetoric is essentially meaningless.

And guess what? We, the American people, get the f*cking message, which is - to paraphrase an old headline: Federal Government to Citizens: Tough Sh*t, Lie Back And Enoy It.

Expect to read any day now about how Obama regrets the American people's "confusion" on the necessity of TSA grope-downs, as he promises to spend more time carefully explaining it to us in the future.

Save your breath, Mr. President. We get it, loud and clear...

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