Friday, November 12, 2010

Liberal Economics: The Report From The Front

And is there a bigger battlefield than New York City, once the economic capital of the world, a place now teeming with unemployed dying to work, and micro-managed by liberal Democratic politicians who take their guidance from such luminaries as known financial expert Barack Obama?

Bronx BP Ruben Diaz is on Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo's transition team. What has Diaz wrought in the past? let's just say you can know his presence by
the trail of his dead:

A developer offered to build a $300 million mall at the Kingsbridge Armory, using $50million in tax subsidies, but balked at Diaz's demand that all future jobs there pay $10 an hour or more, which would have made the project uneconomical. So Diaz got council members to nix the project. And goodbye 2,200 jobs.

Diaz, who Gov.-elect Cuomo tapped for his transition team yesterday, was delighted that folks would go jobless, even as unemployment in The Bronx was 13.1 percent. "The notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies," he boasted.

Hmmm. I'd like to see a poll on that. Meanwhile, unemployment in the Bronx is now 13.2%. But I suppose that Diaz and Cuom0 are willing to let that number go a lot higher in order to avoid paying people the slave wage of $7.50 an hour...

Meanwhile, Diaz is trying to make his policy go statewide, and is among a consortium of crooked pols trying to squash a city-commissioned study, fearing it might reveal the legislation's toll, particularly on poor minorities.

Much like Obama, it is not about reality, it is about "fairness". And I suppose it is somewhat fair if we all commit mass suicide....

More from the front:

City shoppers are voting with their wallets.

Big Apple residents spent $165 million last year to buy low-cost products at Walmart's suburban stores because there aren't any outlets in the five boroughs, according to an analysis obtained by The Post.

The massive money drain costs the city millions of dollars in tax revenues and hundreds of jobs.

But Walmart wants to give back to the Big Apple.

With strong sales from Gotham customers, the megachain is launching an aggressive marketing campaign to open stores in the city, over stiff resistance from labor unions

...and the politicians who are paid by the labor unions. Until New York creates a Soviet-style wall, forcing folks to shop within their borders, money and tax revenue will flow directly out of the city, while thousands who may be employed and instead left on the dole. A double-whammy for the city, of course, but again - ideology trumps reality, no matter how many people must perish in its cause.

And what of the godhead of this economic illiteracy, Barack Obama? This picture of him - small, shrunken, ineffective - speaks to what we will all become under the watch of him and his ilk:

The G-20's failure to adopt the U.S. stand has also underlined Washington's reduced influence on the international stage, especially on economic matters. Obama also failed to conclude a free trade agreement this week with South Korea

So are we all reduced by the insanity of liberal economics. Watch New York, and see wither all our futures lie, unless we stop this madness now...

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