Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texas Rises Again, Defeat "Yankees" In A Rout...

...I just think the way the MLB playoffs are shaping up is fun on a metaphorical level as well as strictly a baseball level. Texas defeats New York, the "intellectual" home of liberalism, that brings us folks like, oh, say...Elliot Spitzer.

Conservative cities like Dallas rise in national prominence and wealth (shoot, all the hot young girls with the bling walking around Manhattan these days are transplanted Texans, using New York as a playground - paid for by daddy's oil ca$h - until they calm down, go home, and get married. The same way the tony New York debutante class once roamed across the great cities of America...), while New York withers and dies under oppressive liberalism.

Oh, come on - poetic justice!!

And the perfect storm still gathers, for who better for the Texas Rangers to face off against than the city of San Francisco? If New York is the brain of the liberal engine, San Francisco is its slutty, decadent, disfigured body, wallowing in the filth of its own fetid philosophy. In the ultimate battle of conservatism vs. liberalism, who will reign supreme? And how will it effect the 2010 midterms? Will the sight of hippies writhing and twirling in The Haight rouse the Democratic base to come and stave off certain defeat at the polls?

Can the great state of Texas save us, one last time?

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