Friday, October 08, 2010

Postal Union Election Delayed After Ballots Lost in the Mail, this is not a joke, although it sure does sound like one. Don't worry, though - I'm sure once the government and the unions take control of our health care, everything will go just fine. In the meantime:

The American Postal Workers Union has extended its internal election after thousands of ballots appeared to have gotten lost . . . in the mail.

The union's election committee was supposed to be counting those ballots this week in downtown Washington, D.C., following a tradition mail-in election. But the union announced that only about 39,000 ballots were turned in -- and that "a large number of union members had not received their ballots."

As Federal News Radio first reported, the union has responded by extending the deadline to Oct. 14.

Of course, it could be that the rank and file elected the "wrong" leadership, and thus the election committee has decided that more ballots need to be issued. And then leaned on the worst stereotype of themselves possible in order to make it believable to the public.

Me? I think it's a little from column "A", a little from column "B"...

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