Friday, October 01, 2010

If Obama Really Cared About The Descendants of Slaves, He'd Tell Them To Vote Republican

We've come out stronger...from war to depression to the great struggles for equal rights and civil rights.

It took time to free the slaves. It took time for women to get the vote. It took time for workers to get the right to organize...

-President Barack Obama,
on the stump, attempting to justify his actions and the need to re-elect a Democratic Congress

So now "freeing the slaves" and the entire civil rights movement are analogous to America 2010 - a nation so racist that it elected a black president - and apparently, all the Democrats need is a little more time, and they will re-create these great successes - via cap and trade, higher tax rates, union strangleholds on the private sector, and non-stop deficit spending, of course....

I realize that Obama is not specifically talking to blacks here, but his "freeing the slaves" line is tuned to them, to suggest that he - or his party - are the only ones who care about their civil rights, and that only he will create a world that is just for them, but only if he gets a little more time....

For whatever it's worth - it was a Republican who freed the slaves, and the first women suffragists voted the straight Republican ticket. But since the Democrats have co-opted the civil rights movement, blacks have voted with them almost exclusively. To their detriment, as Darleen Click points out:

...the most important is to keep non-leftists in fear of anyone who opposes the left. In effect, the left says, and has been saying for a hundred years, “You may not agree with us, but our opponents are evil.”

The Democratic appeal to black voters provides an excellent example. In nearly half a century, the left has done nothing for black America. Leftists have ruined the cities they govern and most of the public schools they control. But they have mastered one thing — the ability to paint their opponents as racist opponents of blacks. So, blacks, many of whom have conservative values — from opposing same-sex marriage to supporting school vouchers — vote almost universally for the left.

If Barack Obama really cared about black Americans, he would admit that 50 years of liberal social engineering has failed them, and it was time to give the Republicans a go at it.

Alas, when truth battle Power, truth almost always loses out. But I give you hope. African-American approval of Barack Obama is
now at 76% - high, yes, but down from the low 90's...


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