Monday, October 11, 2010

More Philly Phollies: Biden Begs Crowd To Chant "O-Bam-A!"

Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post was the White House pool reporter on Sunday at Obama's now-infamous Philadelphia rally - you know, the one with the book chucking, the streaking, and the obligatory Two Minute Hate (today, guest starring your local Chamber of Commerce!). Her report details exactly how much - nay, how little - affection the president got from the City of Brotherly Love:

"POTUS got on stage at about 5pm after Biden introduced him, and urged the crowd to chant the president's name. Remarks will go out soon, but Obama touched on similar themes from previous speeches. Obama said that he was glad to "see this crowd fired up...."

"A note on the crowd: According to Deputy Managing Director/Director of Operations, Jazelle M.Jones, the crowd count was 18,500. Pool, as well as several other reporters, expressed some skepticism at that count, but pool was told that there was an overflow "somewhere". Pool asked an officer and he said that the area right in front of where Obama was speaking, had a maximum capacity of 11,000."

So Obama and his acolytes had to beg for affection like a lovesick schoolboy groveling for some show of attention from a recently-departed ex. They lied about the crowd size, and repaid the people's desire for hope and change with a a venomous, fantastical diatribe about evil "others", a la Hugo Chavez or Kim Jung Il.

Sad. But not as sad as the true believers will be on the morning of November

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