Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NJ-12: Rush Holt Humiliated At Debate With Scott Sipprelle

So how is the liberal's favorite "rocket science" doing against Republican Scott Sipprelle in New Jersey CD-12? Not good, if you believe the polls, and even worse, if you believe the reporting out of his most recent debate.

What's the worst thing you can do to a congressional liberal who supported the 2,400-page Health Care Reform Act monstrosity, with "Pelosian passion fervor"?

Mock them:

...the audience - it seems, largely local Jewish citizens in a crowd of 400-500 - at several times murmured audibly and three times they laughed aloud at silliness or obvious gaffes by the visibly irritated Holt. Now most folks - comedians, clowns and raconteurs — covet laughter, but to someone like "Respected Rush," it was the kiss of death.

How so? Well folks, whereas Holt defended his record most often by stressing what he had co-sponsored or voted for in the past two years, Mr. Sipprelle ably and incisively refuted Holt's defenses with cutting facts and more intelligent counter ideas and opinions.

Big Laughter No. 1: Holt made firm with the claim that when Obama came into office in January 2009, the nation was losing 700,000 job-workers a month (and it mounted to more than 3 million total). But he credited the sappy "stimulus" with a turnaround that suddenly created many new jobs in a recovery climb.
So Scott turned to Holt and mildly asked "How many jobs?" Holt looked stunned and stood silent for many seconds, so Scott asked again.
Then Big Man of Congress seemed to wilt, squirmed a bit and meekly just said — "thousands." At that, the room roared with deserved laughter at the man of facts — not any specific number that was well researched, rehearsed or even supported by the National Chamber of Commerce, just a quiet, tiny reply after a 10-second sweat: "thousands."

....So much for the congressional expert who continued to wilt in the audience's estimation, for they laughed out loud in huge bunches at Holt's comments two more times. And yes, plus one time Mr. Sipprelle made such a cogent remark on a different subject that half the audience broke into a brief, clapping applause.

The point of my report is that the positions of Holt were indefensible, even laughable three times.

And the people of New Jersey seem to be getting it. No one talks about Holt's seat as one of the 100 that are up for grabs, but if he is being mocked in front of his "home crowd" - hundreds of Jewish liberals - than he is in way, way worse trouble than anyone on the national scene can even imagine.

And perhaps it is best if we keep it that way. Nothing like a few surprises to knock the wind out of the Democrats on Tuesday...

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