Monday, October 25, 2010

New Jersey Stars in "Teacher's Unions Gone Wild!"

Sigh...and just when Jersey Shore was done for the season, and the residents of our happy little state thought they could roam again unmolested, we have to deal with even more infamy...

This time, it's courtesy of James O'Keefe - of ACORN-busting fame - who went undercover last August as over 1,500 members of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) gathered at the Hilton Hotel in East Brunswick, New Jersey for their Summer Leadership Conference (SLC).

It's loaded with classics from drunken New Jersey teachers, most of it mean-spirit and hateful:

"That's why we're all laughing here - we're playing video games on their dime! (endless laughter follows....then) Screw You!"

"Once you get seriously need to be in the hallway f*cking somebody (to get fired)"

"...join me now and let's slander Chris Christie!"

"Everyone wants to take this guy (Christie) out, one way or the know what I mean?"

"I can be a principal...then I can really f*ck with the kids"

Chris Christie is the most popular politician in the state, while the NJEA's popularity is somewhere between Obama bin Ladin and a used-car salesman. Yet these folks feel they can mock the governor with impunity, all while bragging they can do whatever they want - from f*cking in the hallway to abusing kids - and suffer no repercussions.

Well, maybe. And then again, some repercussions may yet be in the offering once this video comes out. And even more retribution may show up next Tuesday, when folks remember on their way to the voting booth exactly which party takes their money and gives it to these types of people...

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