Friday, October 29, 2010

"The Rally To Restore Sanity" - Final Nail In The Democratic Coffin?

Let me first say I am neither a fan of Jon Stewart (a snarkier, somewhat brighter, Joy Behar?) nor Stephen Colbert. It looks like my misgivings about Colbert were fleshed out when he recently "testified" on Capitol Hill on the plight of migrant farm workers - you know, the testimony which included his request to submit photos of his colonoscopy into the public record? That went swimmingly well, as the nation grew even further enraged at the Democrats for wasting their time on a chimp show while the nation's problems worsened. To this, the Democrats stared incredulously, wiped a laughter-induced tear from their collective cheeks, and replied "But wasn't he so funny?"

Maybe, if the business of government is a mere comedy routine. Alas for the Democrats, most Americans do not view it that way this year. But maybe we're just not smart enough to get their sophisticated sense of humor. At least that's what the Left will tell themselves, when they see nobody joining in their gales of laughter at this weekend's Colbert/Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity".

The New York Times gives us a hint:

Interviews with some of the tens of thousands of people expected to attend suggest that they want a message, not a simple comedy show. Liberal groups like Media Matters and Naral Pro-Choice America will be out in force to attract new members and even Organizing for America, President Obama’s political organization, wants to draw attendees to phone banks set up near the Mall.

While the event is pitched to moderates of all political persuasions, Mr. Stewart is known for having a progressive audience. In interviews, some people who plan to attend said it might bolster the spirits of Democrats on the eve of a midterm election that is expected to carry a surge of Republicans to Washington

So here's what America is going to see: tens of thousands (what the Times calls "a huge crowd" - did they say that about Beck's 300K?) of young liberals, surrounded by the trappings of radical leftist propaganda, sneering at their government, laughing at their establishments, and mocking those who try to make the world a better place.

An early rundown of the event, shared by the National Parks Service, which issued the permit for the event, listed a first hour dominated by musical acts (including The Roots), with Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert performing largely in the second hour, and more musicians (including Sheryl Crow) and a taped, fake-awards conclusion in the third hour. Other guest stars are likely to appear. One on the list is Don Novello, who played Father Guido Sarducci years ago on “Saturday Night Live.” He is expected to offer an opening comic benediction, almost surely intended as a parody of the religious-themed rally headed by Mr. Beck.

Sure. Real "smart". Mock a man who can bring 300,000 people to the Mall with 10,000 ironic liberals. Sneer at God. Mock the awards given to young soldiers who lost life and limb fighting for their country.

No doubt Stewart, Colbert, and the suits at Viacom think this is uproarious. How will the rest of America perceive it, some 48 hours before a pivotal election?

"C'mon, it's just satire!", a smirking Stewart will explain to us, with the condescending sneer we're so used to, the "you're just not smart enough to get us" look we get from Barack Obama to Robert Gibbs to Barney Frank...

"The Great Unwashed", as Katie Couric calls us, will not be amused, only motivated. To get out on Tuesday and give a virtual kick in the pants to all the ironic liberals out there, who see comedic gold in our passions, and just desserts in our decline.

Thanks, Jon. Good job, Stephen. I think we can start thinking about taking a minimum of 60 seats by the time the court jesters of the American left are finished with their humiliating monkey dance on the Mall this weekend...

UPDATE: " Rally To Restore Sanity" gets a high-profile endorsement:

When comics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced their rallies on the national mall scheduled for this Saturday, they may not have expected — or wanted — a plug from Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. But Ayers told the Ford Motor Company-sponsored Green Festival in Washington, D.C. last Saturday that the event will be a needed respite from the “Alice in Wonderland” world of military domination of the planet and wars waged by the U.S. “empire.”

The Oct. 30 Stewart/Colbert rallies, dubbed “Restore Sanity” and “Keep Fear Alive,” are “worth attending,” Ayers said.

Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, once labeled a “violent maniac” by a former gang member in congressional testimony, turned deadly serious at the Green Fest in declaring that the U.S. was no longer a “hegemonic power” because of its economic decline but that its military strength was still a major problem in the world.


Anonymous said...

JerseyNut: You sound like a really fun guy. You live with your mom, right?

The JerseyNut said...

No, don't think so.

You see, unlike most liberals, I work. Hard. Ever since I was a kid. That's how you get to OWN something...

I'm sure you're doing fine, anonymous. A little boxcar apartment, littered with old pizza boxes, cans of Royal Crown Cola, and empty jars of peanut butter...

But that fingerprint-stained TV, hooked up to the heisted cable, is always on Comedy Central, right? Or is it MSNBC?

Anonymous said...

Right on the mark jerseynut....liberals...find your own country and planet.

This is serious times for serious people and all you liberals have done is ride on the wild idea that everything is groovy man and do your it somewhere else....